I better change my GNSS equipment....

This year I found myself needing to change my old-fashioned GARMIN FORETREX 401 devices, both because of age and wear and tear.Devices I used to monitor the effectiveness of rescue dogs, so rugged, waterproof, and with very good reception.
After 10 years I looked around, I started with the technical features of waterproof GPS loggers, inexpensive devices, through the ETREX 10, 20 and SE to the foretrex 601.
But they all left me with gaps when I encountered the GARMIN Foretrex 801.










the possibility of receiving "simultaneously" several satellite signals, the "MULTI GNSS"

the ability to receive from the same satellite the signal in two frequencies L1-L5 for GPS and E1 and E5a for GALILEO, the "MULTIBAND". Link Garmin Multibanda Link Garmin DualFreq.

Military certification on shock and water resistance.



Let's start a bit with one of the main reasons for this choice: Multiband.

Multiband technology allows filtering out all those Bounce signals that change the accuracy of the position.

Multi GNSS, on the other hand, allows more chances to see satellites even in overcast places or places with little visible sky.


The GALILEO system, which is very much in vogue these days and allows for greater accuracy on our location.

The weight of the device of only 100g, which inserted into the dog's harness does not cause disturbance in the work.

It also has the ability to record track points every second, generating a more complete line on where you have passed.

As well, recording with two devices side by side amazed me, as the maximum position gave me deviations around the meter.


Excellent tool with essential and precise functions and fast in use.

Now off to record research...

good work to all.