the GPS in search and rescue workshop using the Gaucs method

On February 11th-12th 2017, in Rimini there was “the GPS in search and rescue workshop using the Gaucs method”.
The 2 days were dedicated to theory and practice on how to learn the basics of being able to use the GPS with  dog units during search and rescue
We started the first morning talking about the laws that regulate the search for missing people, then how the GPS works and how to use it in its best way.
There were 2 search sessions: one on Saturday afternoon and the second one on Sunday morning.
In the first session we started to learn how to  use the gps with a logistics person following the search, delegating to them the practical part on managing the search area based on the first estimations from the handler. The logistics persons regularly monitored the gps, To free the handler from having to take care of continually checking if he is inside the designated area. In this way the handler can give full attention to continuously search without distractions.
The second search was more based on the necessity to learn how to use the GPS continuously, so that both the handler and the logistic person can use it properly and how to adjust it according to different specific needs.
On Sunday afternoon we worked on the uploading the data on to the Gaucs page, analysing all the characteristics to be dealt with during the training of the dog unit to improve performance, not only regarding the coverage of the area, but also effectiveness wise. We talked about how this methodology can help:
- a handler in approaching and dealing with the search area, knowing deeply the characteristics of his/her own dog;
- a helper on how to enter the search area, according to the peculiarities of the dog unit working at that specific moment,
- a coach/trainer on how to see points of improvement, motivation and on the training…
- on how to evaluate or verify, not only during exams sessions , analyze the ability to work, to be able to evaluate all the activities during the year and see  where there are improvements or deficencies.
Not only lectures and practices but also discussions and advice, opinions and points of view on search techniquses and managing the search area.
Thank you to everybody for the 2 days spent together.

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