Testing and introduction at UCS Il Branco

Thanks to the weather  holding up, we moved to Borgo Val di Taro in the province of Parma in Emilia Romagna.


Beautiful place, Wonderful people, and ready to challenge themselves! A new testing method did not scare them at all.


We had some difficulties at the beginning due to new devices and different configurations, but finally here we are: we start and we search! Different points of view but same goal: development and growth.

Open the computer, assign the areas, you check the batteries of the GPS, you synchronize radio, …


Let's hurry, the forest waiting for us, the weather holds, the temperature is not bad but the humidity is penetrating our papers are already wet.


We load the areas into the GPS, Barbara starts to record the date, downlpoad tracks , she cleans the old traces from the GPS. In the meantime we start to warm up,  the handlers prepare their dogs, making them walk a little we prepare the harnesses and finally we start.


Here is a well done team work, everyone know his / her role, wonderfully organized.


We work, we talk, we exchange the first impressions on the work done, we compare the methods, we think. we ask questions and at the end we always grow and develop.

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